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"Empowering the Future: Meet Our 2024 Scholarship Winners!"

Friends of Mike Clement is a labor of love. We operate this organization because of our love for our late friend, Mike Clement. We still miss him, and we remember him for his many wonderful attributes. Among those attributes was a genuine concern for young people and a desire to invest in them and their futures. This concern of Mike’s drives us to support deserving young people in their pursuit of higher education.

We have many donors and friends that help us in this mission by generously donating the needed funds to carry on this work. Most of this charitable fundraising takes place each October through our annual charity golf tournament and silent auction. We want to thank each of our donors for your consistent and vital support. Thank you!

I know Mike would be very proud of what you are helping us do to carry on this mission.

On behalf of our scholarship committee, we are proud to announce this year’s scholarship recipients.

The winners of the 11 Friends of Mike Clement $1,000 Scholarships for 2024 are:

Goose Creek Memorial

Madison Cobb

Maxx Perez

Ross S. Sterling

Dreha Hernandez

Jose Oquendo

Robert E. Lee

Michell Hernandez

Owin Romero

Impact Early College

Rebecca Currie

Steven Kubin

Stuart Career Tech

Iveth Romero

Peter Hyland Center

Emily Cepeda

Niwassa Clement Memorial Scholarship (At-Large)

Xiomara Barahona (Ross Sterling)

Since our inception, we have now awarded $78,500 to deserving students in the Goose Creek Consolidated Independent School District.

Congratulations to all of these students. We wish you every success as you move on to the next level. We are happy that Mike Clement gets to be a part of assisting you along that journey. That’s the kind of man he was.

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