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Donor List - Mike's 2020 Challenge - 6th Annual Fundraiser

Updated: Oct 27, 2021

2020 was been a struggle for everyone. At FOMC we had to cancel our golf tournament which was our main source of funding for the scholarships we provide for GCCISD students.

​We asked for your help to allow us to bridge the gap this year and still be able to give out our scholarships. You responded and helped us meet our goal!

These are the people and companies that have donated to our Mike's 2020 Challenge campaign. We thank you so much for allowing us to continue our mission and provide scholarships during this time.

T. Adcock

Susan Adcox

Michael Anderson

Nancy Racz Balke

Kathi Beasley

Kimberly Boatman

Ronnie Bradshaw

Steve Britland

Joel Butler

Kelly & Mary Casey

Margot & Mark Casey

Matt Casey

Bonnie Cohen

Marilyn Damschen

Joey Duke

Rhonda Ferguson

Jalana & Bill Handal

Tommy Harrington

Cheryl Houghton

Gary Hudman

Carole McAlpine Knight

Tommy LaVergne

Jay Lawhon

Laura & Ron Lawhon

Randy LeBouf

Gerald Liston

Jay Newton

Charles Pennington

Pamela Pritchett

Michael Quillen

Michele Quillen

Jim Reese

John Selensky

Susan Watts Stone

Danny Taylor

Michael Wiland

Tim Welch

Daryl Yaw

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